Extremely soft and cozy
blankets made of combed wool,
will provide a pleasant atmosphere
and warmth in your home

The pleasant, warm atmosphere helps to create memorable moments

The key to harmony
in your home

Being in a beautiful and cozy places is a boost of energy and a true revival for the psyche. It allows you to recover peace and distance themselves from everyday problems. To create such an atmosphere in your own home, you need just a blanket SO FLUFFY. Our blankets are more than just decoration- bring warmth and relieve stress. Arrange quiet place where time is flowing own rhythm.

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On our blog for more information about the properties of our wonderful blankets, and plenty of inspiration that will help create a comfortable place to rest with magical power, we do not want to leave.

9 February 2017

What is the difference between polish wool and merino wool?

The quality of sheep’s wool depends on various factors, but the most important are thickness of a hair calculated in microns. In a principle which says […]
16 November 2016

How the wool for our beautiful So Fluffy blanket is made ?

New Zealand continues at this time shearing of sheep. In the sheepfold breeder puts a bench for cutting table to sort the fleece, weight, basket to […]
15 November 2016

6 reasons that make our blankets are safe for children and for our health

You want a bedroom filled with love, cozy and safe haven for a soothing night’s sleep? Or maybe you want to create a cozy and safe […]
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