Amazing properties of merino wool
13 November 2016
How the wool for our beautiful So Fluffy blanket is made ?
16 November 2016

6 reasons that make our blankets are safe for children and for our health

You want a bedroom filled with love, cozy and safe haven for a soothing night's sleep? Or maybe you want to create a cozy and safe place filled with love for your baby? With SO-FLUFFY it is easier than you think.

By using our blankets high quality wool from Merino sheep, each blanket really stands out for incredible, softness, and can be successfully used by both children and adults. Meet 6 characteristics of our wonderful blankets to help you create a safe haven for restful sleep, where you just you and your baby feel happy and secure.

  1. Delicate wool used to manufacture our blankets gives a pleasant heat, which warms the body, relieves muscle tension, improves blood circulation and stimulates the nerve endings.
  2. Woolen blanket SO-FLUFFY yet merino sheep wool is very delicate and yet soft and subtle wool which gives the body a feeling of warmth while ensuring adequate constant body temperature in addition at the same time contributing positively to the better mood and a blissful night's sleep.
  3. Woolen blanket SO-FLUFFY has anti-allergic properties because of its high lanolin content covering all of her hair, wool furthermore protects the hair from soiling. Due to the high content of lanolin, wool is also a barrier to mite contributing to a number of allergic symptoms.
  4. Merino wool is harder to get dirty and has a self-cleaning properties, thanks to the high content of natural fats. Therefore, our blankets do not require the frequent washing, because the wool regenerates itself in contact with oxygen. If there is not a lot of dirt on the blanket, the removal of which require washing, it suffices to only ventilate.
  5. Wool fibers create an environment hostile to bacteria, which means that the bacteria do not multiply. This is an important property of wool, which makes it does not absorb odors.
  6. Merino wool is very popular with children and people who until now did not like the wool garments because of their "bite". Unlike other types of wool, merino wool is very pleasant to the skin and does not bite.

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