How the wool for our beautiful So Fluffy blanket is made ?
16 November 2016

What is the difference between polish wool and merino wool?

The quality of sheep’s wool depends on various factors, but the most important are thickness of a hair calculated in microns. In a principle which says that the thinner the fiber, the higher the quality and the price of the finished product. Generally it can be said that the thicker wool coat, the more rough wool. Such hair instead of being in contact with the skin, it just stings.

So fluffy blankets are woven from the wool of merino – one of the most prized species of sheep’s wool in the world. Currently merinos are grown around the globe, in Australia, New Zealand, North and South America, South Africa and in Europe, including in Poland (Polish Merino).

The most valuable wool comes from sheep raised now in the Southern Alps of New Zealand and Australia. Hair of the Merino sheep from New Zealand, from which we knit our So Fluffy blankets has thickness around 18.5 microns. It is the highest quality sheep’s wool – very soft, fluffy, which guarantees its unique delicacy. In the textile industry of New Zealand merino wool, it is valued as an excellent fiber, combining all the advantages of wool with cashmere delicacy.

Hair of the Merino sheep from Poland, from which we knit second type our So Fluffy blankets has thickness around 23-25 microns.

It’s whether the wool “bites” is a very individual matter, but wool fiber with a thickness of 22 microns by most of us felt as soft and extremely pleasant on the skin. Whereas the limit beyond which the sensitive people feel uncomfortable scratching is just 19 microns.

So my advice is this: if you react to wool very sensitively, pay special attention to the thickness of a hair, choosing the best quality wool from New Zealand merino.



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