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15 November 2016

Amazing properties of merino wool

New Zealand - the land of the Hobbits. Do you remember the scene from the books "The Lord of the Rings"? I could live there, and how about you? This is where there are The largest and best quality farms of merino sheep. Apart from New Zealand merinos live in the United States, Argentina, Uruguay, South Africa, as well as Europe, but it is New Zealand's merino fleece is considered the most valuable in the world.

Why is it like that?

This is because Merino is one of the oldest species of sheep, and one of the toughest and hardiest. They are much more resistant than ordinary sheep, mainly due to the extreme conditions in which they live.

Green pastures where sheeps live simply remain a dream for merino sheep. New Zealand Merino live in conditions where ordinary sheeps could not function.

And all this because of their wool, which helps them to adapt to difficult conditions. In the summer breathable wool prevents from overheating and in winter insulates against the cold. In addition is light and soft.

Merino wool is characterized by a remarkable softness, fluffiness and a very small fiber diameter compared with the fleece that comes from lowland or thick wool sheep.

These distinctive features characterizes fabrics obtained from merino with excellent insulation, fineness and high strength. In addition, merino wool is highly waterproof, breathable but nevertheless resistant to the reception and absorption of odors.

That's why our blankets are extremely soft and cozy, not only warm, but also fully breathable. When you wrap them around you, they maintain proper body temperature. Thanks to its properties to prevent the absorption of odors from the environment, so you can use them for long periods of time without the need for frequent cleaning.

Check it out and add to your life the unique atmosphere of extra softness and warmth.

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