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15 November 2016
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9 February 2017

How the wool for our beautiful So Fluffy blanket is made ?

New Zealand continues at this time shearing of sheep. In the sheepfold breeder puts a bench for cutting table to sort the fleece, weight, basket to carry wool and a notebook.


Shearing is performed manually using steel scissors or mechanically – with electric clippers.


Our sheep was not sheared from 10 or 12 months. Her fur is about 6-10 cm in length. The animal does not suffer during the acquisition of wool.


After shearing, wool leaves the farm and is washed to remove dirt and lanolin – natural wool fat. Then, after drying, entangled fibers are combed and bonded together to form a continuous worsted yarn with a smooth texture.


Our wool can be dyed at almost any stage of the manufacturing process. We use the colored dyes to this. After all these treatments the wool is ready to inspire us to create great things, so that our life becomes full of joy and warmth.


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